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Hi! I'm not a teen strictly speaking as I am in my early 20s but I am interested in Teen Literature and teenagers opinions of it. I want to be a teacher some day and so end up reading a lot of Children's and Teen Lit. I also really like to read it. Some of my favorite books include, Abarat, Little Women, Esperanza Rising, Ella Enchanted, The Enchanted Forest Chronicles and the Princess Diaries.
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i love little women
i have a really beat-up copy of it that i read every summer
Yay! I think Little Women is one of the most universal books for women. There is something everyone can to relate to in there.
I agree with you on Abarat, Little Women, Ella Enchanted, & The Princess Diaries. They all are quite good. (pssht. I'm not a teen anymore either)

I hope that you'll be the teacher that encourages everyone to read. Even if it is weird, whacked out books that might not make sense.

Have you read I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith?
Oh! I've been thinking about reading it but there are so many books to read and so little time! I'm sure you can relate :)